Home Inspection Brecksville OH

Whether you are buying or selling a home in Brecksville, Ohio, First-In Home Inspection is the one call you need to make for peace of mind for a comprehensive inspection. Our professional and licensed home inspectors are also fire fighters so they know the impact an unsafe home can cause. We make sure to check the interior and exterior thoroughly and will provide a written report explaining any areas of concern. We invite you to join us for the inspection to see first-hand our findings and to have any questions answered.

You can rely on our professionally licensed inspectors for a complete evaluation of every part of the home including:

Interior: walls, windows, doors, crawl space, attic, insulation, ventilation, fireplace

Exterior: foundation, decks, walkways, steps, chimney, garage, roof

Household Systems: electrical, plumbing, HVAC

With the use of thermal imaging, we will also be able to detect hidden moisture leaks, missing insulation and/or overheated electricity.